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Guidelines for Poster Presentations

A poster comprises one or more panels of text, tables, graphics, photographs, and other visual aids, which deals with a defined topic with a minimum of language and a maximum of visual information. 

Preparing the poster:  The poster should be eye-catching, scientifically sound, brief, clear, and should have text, tables/graphs, photographs/maps, etc.  
Poster size: 36 (91.44 cm) x 48 inches (121.92 cm), vertical orientation
Words/wording:  One rule of thumb is to not use more words in the total poster than were allowed in the abstract submission. Also in general, use capital and lower-case lettering for the text, table and figure titles of the poster. Choose a type face that is a serif (with shaped letters, that have "tails," "feet," and other shape lines that assist the reader in recognizing them easily) type. Do not use more than three type faces in the poster. Use them consistently for the same purposes (e.g., titles, text, notes).
Color and texture: It is very important to use color and texture effectively. A matte or textured surface for panels is generally preferable to a glossy finish, because the glare of some types of lights can make a glossy surface difficult to read or view. A vivid color used for backing the individual panels can be very effective; it can be coordinated with one of the primary colors used in the poster presentation (e.g., the color of the bars on the graph) This use of color should keep in mind, however, the color and texture of the background of the display surface. If that surface is also a vivid color, it may be wise to use black, white, or some pastel shade as backing for poster panels. 
Spacing: Using as much of the space as possible for the poster and as little as possible for the accompanying material (title strip, abstract, etc.) is wise. However, the title strip must be prepared in sufficiently large type to be seen from the entrance so it is visible after people enter the room. In general, people can read letters that are 2 inches high from a distance of 30 feet.
Poster presentations will be set up in the Foyer Area at Le Meridian Hotel in front of the conference hall at the Royal Convention Center. Display stands will be erected in this area. There will be a help desk where you will receive further instructions on how to set up your poster. 
**Please drop off your poster at the help desk (located in front of the auditorium inside the Royal Convention Center (RCC) on Saturday November 10 between 9:30 am and 3:00 pm, before the opening ceremony.
All conference presentations will be audio and video recorded and streamed-live on Conference sessions will also be archived and recorded to watch at a later time. 
To opt out, please send an email to (Subject: Video Recording Opt out). Please include your full name, country and title of your presentation.