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Guidelines for Oral Presentations

A well-done, 10-minute presentation of a scientific paper is a summary of a study that includes only the data that support your main findings and the conclusions of these findings. 

General Outline:

-Overview- What are you going to present (i.e. type of study and key findings)

-State the problem- Present the data , methods, and results

-Interpretation of the data

-Conclusions- Summarize key findings, control measures, public health impact


Tips on Preparing Slides:

Purpose:  Slides should contain only important and useful data and text


-Slides should be horizontal rather than vertical format.

-Text slides should use no more than six bulleted text items, and  no more than eight lines of text

-It is best not to use three dimensional slides


-Each slide should present a single concept

-Use key words, do not use sentences.

-Do not read from your slides

Effective bullet text slides:

-Use consistent verb form

-Use the same style of bullet at each level

-Be consistent with capitalization


-Sans serif bold, Arial, Humanist, Optima and Swiss (Helvetica) are recommended typeface.

-Avoid Times NewRoman, Courier, Complex, and Italic typefaces. 

-Highlight titles with larger size and bold text.


-Clear slides with black text have good contrast and they project well in an over-lit room.

-Dark blue background with white or yellow text projects well. 

**Please send your presentation slides to Mohammad Zraiqi ( by November 2nd.  
All conference presentations will be audio and video recorded and streamed-live on Conference sessions will also be archived and recorded to watch at a later time. 
To opt out, please send an email to (Subject: Video Recording Opt out). Please include your full name, country and title of your presentation.