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Day Tours

1. Amman City Tour / 4 hours, 45 km 
Amman is the modern and ancient capital of Jordan, formerly the Ammonite capital city of Rabbath Ammon, and later the Graeco-Roman city called Philadelphia. Originally spread over seven hills like Rome, Amman now covers at least nineteen hills. It is a city of contrasts, a mixture of ancient and modern. The city is crowned by citadel, a hill with the ruins of the Temple of Hercules and a museum with artifact dating back to the earliest settlement in the region some 7000 years ago. 
1-3 persons: $40 USD. 5 persons and above: $35 USD. Above price includes transportation, entrance fees, local guide, and lunch. 
2. Jerash/ Half Day tour 5 hours, 100 km 
Greece-Roman city, Gerasa in ancient times, known as the Pompeii of the east for its extraordinary state of preservation. It is considered the best preserved and most complete city of the Decapolis, a confederation of ten Roman cities dating from the 1st Century B.C. within the city's wall have been found the remains of settlements indicating human occupation of this location for more than 2.500 years. 
1-3 persons: $90 USD per person. 5 persons and above: $100 USD per person. 
3. Madaba , Mount Nebo , Baptism Site / Half Day Tour, 5 hours 30 km 
The Baptism Site of Jesus Christ. 2000 years ago Jesus came to this unique site to see John and to be baptized by him: Then Jesus came from Galilee to John at the Jordan to be baptized by him (Matthew 3:13). According to the Bible, it is just beyond the Jordan (John 3:26) i.e. on the East Bank of the River Jordan in what is now the modern day Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The Bible says clearly: These things were done in Bethabara beyond the Jordan, where John was baptizing (John 1:28). 
1-3 persons: $80 USD per person. 4 persons and above: $60 USD
4. Petra / Full day tour, 270 Km, 8am -6pm 
The most famous attraction in Jordan is the Nabataean city of Petra, some 262 Kilometers south of Amman. More than 2.000 Years ago, the Nabataeans Carved a city out of the Rose-red rock. To reach the city, the visitor travels through the awesome "Siq" an immense crack in the Nubian sandstone. It is a wading, one Kilometer-Long fissure between overhanging lefts that seem to meet more than 300 feet overhead within Petra you'll see hundreds of curved and built structures, soaring temples, elaborate royal tombs, Roman theatre, water channels, arched gates and others.
1-3 person: $190 USD per person. 5 persons and above: $180 USD.
NOTE: The prices above include transportation, entrance fees, local guide, and lunch.